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History Cleaner
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Microsoft Windows™ 98, 2000, ME, NT and XP operating systems

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As you surf the web, pictures and text get stored on your hard disk, creating a mirror image of your surfing experience. Companies use cookies to profile or track your actions on the web. System and application software also store information that could compromise privacy.

Cleaning up the history of your activities can be a tedious chore of manually removing each history file or entry. If privacy and disk space are to be maintained, this process must be performed every time you use your computer. History Cleaner can automate this process for you. Our Internet eraser supports popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Netscape/Mozilla, AOL, Opera and MSN Explorer. It can quickly delete history on your computer, with simply one click.

History Cleaner will erase your.................

index.dat, cache, cookie, file shredder
Windows Settings Internet Explorer/Netscape/Opera One click upgrade
Find File / Folder History Location Bar History Clean on Startup
Registry Fragment Files Internet History Clean on Shutdown
Search Computer History Clean Cookies Custom Panic Button
Scan Disk .chk File Clear Locked Index.dat Easy to use Help
File / Folder Shredder Temporary Internet Files (cache) Run Invisible
Scheduler Disable Auto Complete And more...

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